Color Me Spring Activity

A Fun Color Activity for Preschoolers

How many names can we think of for the color purple? Discover the wide variety of color shades with a little help from nature and your local paint store!

Learning Domains:
Science Knowledge and Skills; Approaches to Learning
Materials Needed:
Paint strip cards (select spring-happy colors)
Glue dots (click here to view) or another adhesive
 You'll need 2 of each paint card.  Use glue dots to adhere a color swatch onto the end of each clothespin.
color activity for preschoolers
color activity for preschoolersTalk to your students or children at home about all the colors they see in spring. Show them all the color swatches and talk about what they see in nature with those colors. Talk about the colors of birds and bird eggs, spring leaves and buds, blue sky and clouds, etc.  Children make color matches by clipping the clothespin onto the matching color.
 Go on a Color Hunt with your paint chips indoors or outside.  If you punch a hole in the color card, children can see their match easier.
Vocabulary Boosters:
Here are some new words and phrases to introduce during this activity.
  • Shades (as in light and dark shades of color)
  • Create your own color names using what you see in nature!
    • Cardinal Red Cardinal Image
    • Sky Blue
    • Baby Grass Green
    • New Leaf Green  
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