Playground Canopies & Shade Structures

Invest in a Playground Canopy or Shade Structure!

We suggest you consider adding playground canopy or shade structure to protect staff and children from the harmful rays of the sun and to make your playground more user-friendly on hot days! Becker's is able to offer playground canopies with these important features: porous fabric which can significantly reduce the temperature of the area beneath the covering; 10-year warranty; mildew-resistant materials; engineered to withstand high winds; and capable of shielding playground users from 98% of the sun's harmful rays. Not finding the shade structure you need? Call us!


Sun Ports Coolbrella

Regular Price: $3,442.99-$4,182.99 Your Price: $3,098.69-$3,764.69

Sun Ports Single Post Units

Regular Price: $2,379.99-$2,917.99 Your Price: $2,141.99-$2,626.19

Single-Post style, a perfect application in an area where minimal posts are needed. Providing shade is critically important due to ever changing weather conditions as well as the increasing awareness... More Info

Sun Ports Hip Unit

Regular Price: $3,596.99-$4,391.99 Your Price: $3,237.29-$3,952.79
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