Wiggle, Giggle & Shake CD

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From animals to astronauts, feelings to snowflakes, children will be moving and learning with the popular classroom themes on this delightful CD. The songs on this CD can help children follow directions, expand their vocabulary, reinforce classroom concepts, stimulate their imaginations, better understand themselves and physically participate in their own learning. By Rae Pica & Richard Gardzina. Songs include: Wiggle, Giggle & Shake, The Body Poem, If I Could Have Any Pet I Want, Preparing Meals, The Way I Feel, It's Their World Too, The Astronaut (Instrumental), Dance of the Snowflakes, Giants and Elves, Somewhere Deep in the Ocean, Imagine, Imagine (Instrumental).
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ECERS-3: Music and movement 3.1 - At least 3 musical materials accessible to the children for at least 25 minutes during the observation (Ex: simple music instruments; music toys; recorded music player with recorded music; radio on with appropriate music).

  1. Grades Pre-K-2
  2. CD features 12 songs
  3. Made in the USA

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