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Complete classroom kit contains enough materials for 12 students to do several fun and educational experiments. Watch the Rocket Plant grow from seed to bloom in less than 2 months, while the Polka Dot Plants develop multi-colored spots on their leaves.  Planters and lids are made from corn and are 100% biodegradable.  Includes:  24 Biodegradable Planter with Clear Dome Lids, Planting Mixture, 2 packs Mustard Seed, 2 packs Polka Dot Plant Seed, Water Retention Polymers, 24 plant stakes, student handouts and teacher's guide.  Ages 4+

Teaching Health, Nutrition and Fitness to our children is a critically important element of curriculums today.  Taking steps to healthy success involves using various products that can supplement a program or curriculum.  This product can help achieve such goals.

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ECERS-3: Nature/science 7.1 - Staff initiate activities for measuring, comparing, or sorting using nature/science materials (Ex: show children how to sort seashells by color, shape, or size; arrange pinecones from biggest to smallest; chart rainfall for a month to discuss dry and wet times; predict weights of various natural objects).

FCCERS-R: Nature/science 7.3 - Nature/science activities requiring more input from provider are offered for preschoolers and school-agers at least once every 2 weeks (Ex. cooking; simple experiments like measuring rainfall; sprouting and planting seeds).

FCCERS-R: Nature/science 3.1 - Some pictures, books, games, or toys that represent nature realistically appropriate for each age group to use (Ex. nonfrightening posters showing real animals; realistic toy animals for younger children; nature/science magazines for school-agers).

ECERS-3: Nature/science 3.1 - At least 5 developmentally appropriate nature/science materials from at least 2 categories are accessible for at least 25 minutes during the observation.


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