I Can Count! Book Set

  • I Can Count! Book Set
  • I Can Count! Book Set
  • I Can Count! Book Set
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Learn to count to 20 with these fun, interactive books from the I Can Count! Book Set! Each page features one or more clear numerals and then asks the reader to search for an image to find that number of objects. The clear, engaging images and use of both written and numeric figures help readers become confident counters.

ECERS-3: Understanding written numbers 3.1 - Some print numbers in display materials are accompanied by pictures that show what the number means (Ex: signs for number of children allowed in center accompanied by stick figures to represent the number; poster with numbers and corresponding image showing that number of objects).

ECERS-3: Understanding written numbers 5.1 - At least 3 different play materials that help show children the meaning of print numbers are accessible during the observation (Ex: puzzle with number on one piece and that number of dots on matching piece; puzzle with numbered fingers on a hand; matching picture/number card game; simple number card games).

  1. Grades Pre-K-K
  2. Set of 3 paperbacks

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