A to Z Alphabet Groceries

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Nourish language skills and imaginative play with this set of pretend groceries. Each letter of the alphabet has an item that is labeled with the matching letter, word and realistic picture. Build language, vocabulary and letter recognition skills during dramatic play time!

ECERS-3: Dramatic play 5.1 - Many and varied dramatic play materials, enough for number of children allowed, are accessible, including dolls, child-sized furniture, play foods and cooking/eating utensils, dress-up clothes for boys and girls.

ECERS-3: Helping children expand vocabulary 5.3 - Staff frequently use the opportunities provided by materials, display, activities, or other meaningful experiences to introduce words.

ECERS-3: Helping children expand vocabulary 3.3 - Staff sometimes use the opportunities provided by classroom materials, display, or other concrete experiences to introduce words.

Choking Hazard - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
  1. Ages 3+
  2. 31 pieces
  3. Cartons and cans range from 4"-6½"H

Family Owned

Becker's has been family owned for over 90 years!



Becker's meets CPSIA compliancy standards