Animal Habitats Game

Regular Price: $32.99 Your Price: $29.69

Learn about different habitats and the animals that live in them! The 4 double-sided playing boards feature a single habitat on one side (coast, woodland, polar and desert) and a habitat bingo game on... More Info


Giant Polydron Storage Bag

Regular Price: $21.99 Your Price: $19.79

The Storage Bag is made of a high-quality, flexible material and is suitable for Giant Polydron and Giant Octoplay . 17" x 17".  Ages 2+... More Info

Giant Linking Shapes

Regular Price: $75.99 Your Price: $68.39

These giant shapes interlock together with ease and can be used for indoor and outdoor play. Ideal for younger children learning their first shapes—the chunky pieces are perfect for small hands. Can... More Info


Giant Activity Rings

Regular Price: $73.99 Your Price: $66.59

These giant rings are great indoors and out for a range of individual and group activities. Roll them, sort by color and size, sort materials inside them, throw bean bags into them or use them in... More Info


Giant Polydron Clip-In Colored Windows

Regular Price: $29.99 Your Price: $26.99

Super-tough Giant Polydron Clip-In Colored Windows and allow children to experiment by blending the windows to create new colors. Set of 8 windows in 4 colors (red, blue, yellow and green). Giant... More Info

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