Holidays, Celebrations & Diversity

Sharing Cultural Diversity through Holidays and Celebrations
In social studies, we learn about families, communities, and different cultures. We introduce children to differences in family customs, holiday celebrations, and lifestyles. It's important to communicate to children that differences are honored and we should appreciate the unique contributions made by people of all cultural backgrounds. Browse through our collections of beautiful book sets and posters that promote an acceptance of diversity in the most positive light.

World Foods Board Book Set (6 Board Books)

REG Price: $45.99
Your Price: $39.09

Bon Appetit! Mangia! Mangia!  The books included in the World Foods Board Book Set offer a wonderful introduction to world cuisine.  Rhyming text and mouthwatering illustrations make these fun to... More Info

Ethnic Play Food Complete Set

REG Price: $119.99
Your Price: $101.99

Our Ethnic Play Food set includes traditional Latino, African, Italian, Japanese and Asian foods, as well as a selection of breads from a variety of cultures.  Foods are made of durable vinyl and are... More Info

Becker's Multicultural Book Set: New Friends And New Places

REG Price: $75.99
Your Price: $64.59

Finding children’s book sets that address cultural and racial differences are plentiful and choosing the right ones for your class can be challenging. The Becker’s Multicultural Book Set includes... More Info

Multicultural Dress Up Costume Set

REG Price: $323.49
Your Price: $274.97

These textured and detailed outfits will be just the ticket to open up a world of learning for your children about special holidays, ceremonies, and lifestyles around the globe. Add to the richness of... More Info

Becker's Multicultural Collection 7 Book Set

REG Price: $93.49
Your Price: $79.47

Each story and its images in the Becker’s exclusive Multicultural Collection 7 Book Set gives an honest representation of life for children and families of diverse cultures.  The stories are from near... More Info

Becker's To Market To Market 6 Book Set

REG Price: $69.99
Your Price: $59.49

The To Market to Market 6 book set is a Becker’s exclusive that can be the start of a thematic unit. Set up a pretend market in your classroom. Learn math facts as you price and sell items.  Broaden... More Info

Melissa & Doug® Multi-Ethnic Foods Puzzle Set

REG Price: $62.99
Your Price: $53.54

Beautiful photographs feature various cultural cuisines, and are designed to illustrate diversity and help children accurately understand their world and respect people from different ethnicities, as... More Info

Putumayo Kid's, World Music CD Set

REG Price: $102.99
Your Price: $87.54

Putumayo Kid's is committed to providing culturally authentic music for children with an upbeat, melodic sound.  Each CD includes a booklet with child-friendly facts and insights relevant to the... More Info

Our Global Community 8 Book Set

REG Price: $52.89
Your Price: $44.96

In the Our Global Community Book Set children can explore different cultures around the world and learn about the different ways people play music, how homes are different in each climate, games that... More Info

Ceremonial Costumes, Set of 12

REG Price: $329.39
Your Price: $279.98

Child size versions of authentic ceremonial clothing from around the world. Machine washable with easy closures. Set of all 12 costumes. Fits most children ages 3-6... More Info

Around the World Poster Set

REG Price: $20.99
Your Price: $17.84

Valuing our differences  is the purpose for this school poster! Around The World School Posters photos offer a glimpse of the diversity in people around the world. Set of two, 8½" x 24" each,... More Info

What We Wear: Dressing Up Around The World

REG Price: $8.49
Your Price: $7.22

What we wear can identify who we are: what team we play for or what team we root for, where we go to school, how we worship, or how we represent our heritage. What we wear expresses our individuality,... More Info

International Bulletin Board Set

REG Price: $12.49
Your Price: $10.62

The latest title in the  All Kinds of Kids  bulletin board series focuses on kids from a variety of countries and cultures. The set features close-up photography of children in traditional clothing... More Info

Family Fun, Celebrations & Holidays Photographic Learning Cards

REG Price: $12.59
Your Price: $10.70

Images speak louder than words. Set teaches children about the importance of family, cultural holidays, and traditions.  24 cards plus teacher’s guide.  5½" x 8½". Partial sets shown. Grades Pre-K-2... More Info

Melissa & Doug® Cultural Clothing Wooden Puzzle Set

REG Price: $46.99
Your Price: $39.94

Seeing children wearing traditional outfits from around the world will raise awareness of different cultures. Preschoolers will be fascinated while assembling this set of five, 12-piece wooden jigsaw... More Info

Multicultural Children's Songs CD

REG Price: $22.99
Your Price: $19.54

Collection of 23 songs features favorites from Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and American traditions in typical Ella Jenkins -style - short tunes with memorable rhythms. CD. Grades Pre-K-2... More Info

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