Squishy, Squashy Sponge Set

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Squishy, Squashy Sponge Set

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Tools and tips for a full teaching unit on Sponges!    Use this Teacher’s Guide and Sponge  Set to teach a full science unit based  on the four phases of the learning  cycle: awareness, exploration,  inquiry and... More Info

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Tools and tips for a full teaching unit on Sponges!  Use this Teacher’s Guide and Sponge Set to teach a full science unit based on the four phases of the learning cycle: awareness, exploration, inquiry and application. Includes full set of natural and man-made sponges! 

National Science Teachers Association Recommends® Review

ECERS-R: Nature/science 3.1 - Some developmentally appropriate games, materials, or activities from two nature/science categories accessible.

ECERS-R: Nature/science 7.1 - Nature/science activities requiring more input from staff are offered at least once every 2 weeks (Ex. cooking, simple experiments like measuring rainfall, field trips).

FCCERS-R: Nature/science 3.1 - Some pictures, books, games, or toys that represent nature realistically appropriate for each age group to use (Ex. nonfrightening posters showing real animals; realistic toy animals for younger children; nature/science magazines for school-agers).

FCCERS-R: Nature/science 7.3 - Nature/science activities requiring more input from provider are offered for preschoolers and school-agers at least once every 2 weeks (Ex. cooking; simple experiments like measuring rainfall; sprouting and planting seeds).

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