White Boards & Chalk Boards

Whiteboards and Dry-Erase Boards for the Classroom

Not all white boards are created equal. We sell Pro-Rite® Boards with the most durable, top of the line writing surface available on the market. These boards are made with a porcelain steel, magnetic surface. Call and ask us for a quote!


REG Price: $68.00 - $313.99
Your Price: $57.80 - $266.89

White melamine writing surface. Available in Oak or Aluminum frames with full-length marker tray. Can also be used for overhead projection. Best Seller! L-Clip installation... More Info

Pro-Rite® Boards

REG Price: $233.99 - $619.49
Your Price: $198.89 - $526.57

Pro-Rite Dry Erase Boards are durable, top-of-the-line writing surface available today. Made with a porcelain steel surface, these magnetic marker boards offer improved erasability, greater color... More Info

Expo® White Board Cleaner

REG Price: $5.19
Your Price: $4.41

Expo White Board Cleaner quickly removes shadows, ghosting, dirt and stubborn stains. Renews the surface of dry erase boards. 8 oz. pump spray bottle. Made in the USA... More Info

Expo® Microfiber Cloth

REG Price: $7.89
Your Price: $6.71

Expo Microfiber Cloth offers convenience and practicality - the dry-erase cloth is washable and reusable... More Info

Expo® Towelettes

REG Price: $13.69
Your Price: $11.64

Expo® Towelettes are handy towelettes help clean and refresh whiteboards. 50 reusable sheets... More Info

Whiteboard Eraser

REG Price: $2.99
Your Price: $2.54

Specially designed soft-pile eraser for dry erase surfaces. Cleans with soap and water. One per pack... More Info

Expo® Dry-Erase Markers

REG Price: $8.39 - $15.89
Your Price: $7.13 - $13.51

The Expo Erase Board Tip Markers are perfect for design or arts and crafts. Marks vividly, with a consistent, smooth line that retains its color and erases easily with a dry cloth or Expo eraser. For... More Info

Hold-Up Display Rails

REG Price: $7.89 - $18.69
Your Price: $6.71 - $15.89

A unique, safe and attractive way to organize memos or art work without sharp tacks or push pins. The clear, see–through front lets the entire paper show through. Attach to hallway or classroom wall... More Info

Map / Display Rail and Accessories

REG Price: $8.49 - $15.99
Your Price: $7.22 - $13.59

Marsh offers a full line of map and display rail products. Add versatility to your map rail system with Marsh map rail accessories; flag holders, map winders, convenient display hooks and end plates... More Info

Student Eraser Class Pack, Set of 12

REG Price: $14.69
Your Price: $12.49

For use on both dry erase and chalk surfaces.  2" x 2".  Set of 12... More Info

2" Oak Map Rail

REG Price: $39.99
Your Price: $33.99

6’ oak maprail with tan Plas-cork insert. The attractive red oak wood 2" map rail offers a distinctive look of quality to any room, office or corridor... More Info

Becker’s Chalkboard Eraser

REG Price: $1.99
Your Price: $1.69

Becker's offers the classic all-felt double sewn eraser for chalkboards or whiteboards. Constructed with concealed stitches. 5" x 2" x 1 15/16"... More Info

Wooden Chalkboard Protractor

REG Price: $9.99
Your Price: $8.49

Good old-fashioned wooden chalkboard protractor.  Use this sturdy wooden tool on a chalkboard to make accurate measurements and draw circles. Each piece features large numerals and sure-grip handles... More Info

Chalkboard Staff Liner

REG Price: $5.99
Your Price: $5.09

Five looped wire prongs that hold chalk securely in-place so that you can draw straight/even lines on the chalkboard.  Also known as a Music Staff Liner... More Info

Crayola® Anti-Dust White Chalk

REG Price: $10.49
Your Price: $8.92

Crayola Anti-Dust white chalk contains calcium carbonate and can be used on all types of chalkboards. Erases easily.  Set of 144 chalk sticks (12 boxes with 12 sticks per box). Non-toxic, AP Seal... More Info

Wooden Yardstick

REG Price: $4.29
Your Price: $3.65

Good old-fashioned wooden yard stick.  Guess how long?  (36")... More Info

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