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We Have Your Favorite School Pens, Pencils and Markers

Looking for primary or beginner pencils? Ballpoint pens or flairs? Dry-erase markers, Sharpies, highlighters? Becker's wrote the book on these basic tools! Let us know what you need, when, and how many. We'll handle the rest.

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Expo Low Odor Dry-Erase Fine Markers, 4 Color Set

REG Price: $7.49
Your Price: $6.37

Bright, vivid, non-toxic ink is quick-drying, smear-proof, easy to see from a distance, and provides consistent color quality. Durable, fine point tip for thin, detailed lines. Erases cleanly and... More Info

Expo Low Odor Dry-Erase Markers, 8 Color Set

REG Price: $15.79
Your Price: $13.42

Create crisp, legible notes on your whiteboard without unpleasant odors in your classroom. EXPO® low-odor dry-erase chisel markers help make your presentation a pleasant experience for all. This 8... More Info

Dixon® Ticonderoga® Premium Pencils

REG Price: $3.69
Your Price: $3.14

The Ticonderoga® is the world's best selling pencil. Top quality latex-free eraser provides easy, clean corrections. Soft - #2 lead. Crafted from sustained yield premium wood. The satin smooth finish... More Info

Dixon Oriole Economy #2 Pencils

REG Price: $2.49
Your Price: $2.12

A first-rate commercial grade woodcase pencil offered at an economical price. Features hexagon shape and bonded #2 lead for break resistant writing.  Quality latex-free eraser. One dozen pack. Grades... More Info

SchoolPro Electric Pencil Sharpener

REG Price: $60.99
Your Price: $51.84

Designed with all the finer points teachers asked for. The pencil sharpener features include quiet operation, heavy-duty motor, auto-reset motor shut-off, automatic pencil stop, multiple-size dial,... More Info

Ticonderoga® Beginners® Pencils

REG Price: $6.29 - $7.29
Your Price: $5.35 - $6.20

Ticonderoga Beginners Pencil, the teachers favored choice for that important "first" No. 2 pencil. Large diameter (13/32") PMA Certified non-toxic. One dozen per pack. Comes with our without an... More Info

My First® Tri-Write Pencil

REG Price: $20.99 - $23.99
Your Price: $17.84 - $20.39

The perfect pencil to assure proper finger positioning for the beginning writer. Comparable size to a 13/32” Beginner Pencil but triangular in shape. The naturally ergonomic, triangular shape helps... More Info

X-Acto® KS Vacuum Mount Manual Pencil Sharpener

REG Price: $29.99
Your Price: $25.49

No need for permanent mounting. Sharpener base air locks to any non-porous flat horizontal surface with a flip of the lever. Fits most sizes of pencils. The X-ACTO KS Vacuum Mount manual pencil... More Info

Expo® Dry-Erase Neon Marker Set

REG Price: $12.19
Your Price: $10.36

Expo Neon markers can be used on both black and white dry erase surfaces, and the brilliant Expo colors are visible from a distance. 5 colors: pink, orange, blue, green & yellow... More Info

Ticonderoga® Tri-Write Pencil

REG Price: $3.69
Your Price: $3.14

The triangular shape positions fingers correctly and provides an excellent writing tool for students grade K-12. #2 Medium Soft. PMA Certified non-toxic. Latex-free eraser. One dozen per pack. Grades... More Info

Laddie® Tri-Write Pencil

REG Price: $17.59 - $19.89
Your Price: $14.95 - $16.91

This slightly oversized triangular No. 2 pencil (11/32") by Ticonderoga® makes moving from printing to cursive writing a comfortable transition and helps teach how to hold the pencil correctly. The... More Info

Powerhouse® Electric Pencil Sharpener

REG Price: $49.39
Your Price: $41.98

The X-ACTO Powerhouse is one of the most powerful electric pencil sharpeners available. Featuring a heavy-duty, high performance motor and precision cutting blades, this sharpener can stand up to the... More Info

Bic® Medium Point Round Stic® Pens

REG Price: $2.69
Your Price: $2.29

Colorful frosted cap and translucent barrel for visible ink supply. Lightweight flexible round barrel for writing comfort. One dozen... More Info

X-Acto® “KS” Manual Pencil Sharpener

REG Price: $19.99
Your Price: $16.99

The X-ACTO KS manual pencil sharpener is a traditionally styled pencil sharpener that mounts easily onto any horizontal or vertical surface. Includes an 8 hole dial pencil selector.  Able to stand up... More Info

Sharpie® Accent Highlighters

REG Price: $1.28
Your Price: $1.09

Enjoy a long marking life with the tank style Sharpie Accent Highlighter. The versatile chisel tip is great for highlighting or underlining. Quick drying, odorless and nontoxic ink... More Info

Expo® Dry-Erase Fine Tip White Board Markers, 4 Color Set

REG Price: $7.49
Your Price: $6.37

This set of Expo® Dry Erase White Board Markets includes 4 different colors all with fine tips. These white board markers wipe off easily with the use of a dry tissue or eraser. These dry erase... More Info

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