Music & Movement For Kids

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Wooden Instruments, Set of 2

Regular Price: $48.29 Your Price: $41.05

Children develop music appreciation, coordination, and rhythm as they play these instruments. Drum includes drumstick with rubber heard to soften sound. Set includes one each of the xylophone... More Info

Toddler Rhythm Set

Regular Price: $58.79 Your Price: $49.97

Easy-to-grasp music toys with gentle shaking sounds make for happy little ones and their grown-up caregivers! Instruments are ergonomically designed for easy handling by young children. The bead and... More Info

Spirit SD CD/Cassette Player

Regular Price: $169.99 Your Price: $144.49

The Spirit SD CD Cassette Player brings new technology to classroom multimedia player/recorders. With its built-in SD card slot and USB port, the Spirit SD is made to work with the latest formats as... More Info

Creative Movement Class Pack

Regular Price: $46.99 Your Price: $39.94

Every child needs to move to learn and learn to move!  Set includes 12 dancing scarves, 4 wrist scarves, 24 ribbon wands on 12" dowels.  Ages 3+ Becker’s guarantees your satisfaction with each kit and... More Info

Becker's First Music Classroom Kit

Regular Price: $152.89 Your Price: $129.96

We've done the research, the shopping, and the packaging so that you could have all the essentials of an Infant Toddler Music Program at your fingertips. Contents: Silky Scarves (12), Shape... More Info

Spirit Stereo CD Player/Cassette Player

Regular Price: $154.99 Your Price: $131.74

This media player by Califone® includes a built-in microphone. Portable size can be used for indoor/outdoor Music and Movement activities, ESL, language instruction and playback of audio books... More Info

Putumayo Kid's, World Music CD Set

Regular Price: $102.99 Your Price: $87.54

Putumayo Kid's is committed to providing culturally authentic music for children with an upbeat, melodic sound.  Each CD includes a booklet with child-friendly facts and insights relevant to the... More Info

Becker's Deluxe 20 Piece Rhythm Set

Regular Price: $104.99 Your Price: $89.24

When it comes to selecting a set of Rhythm Band instruments, consider these pointers. 1) You should have more instruments than students 2) The instruments should be of high quality - not toy quality... More Info

Student CD Player

Regular Price: $49.99 Your Price: $42.49

This programmable CD/CD-R player features 60 second skip protection, low battery indicator, and digital volume control. Headphones and earbuds included. Uses 3.5mm plug. Requires 2 AA batteries... More Info

Hamilton Deluxe Listening Center

Regular Price: $339.99 Your Price: $288.99

The Hamilton Deluxe Bluetooth/CD/Cassette/AM-FM Listening Center include everything you need for classroom audio for up to 6 students at a time. Listening Center Includes: (1) MPC-5050 Boom Box: Play... More Info

Music & Movement In The Classroom, Pre-K to K

Regular Price: $26.99 Your Price: $22.94

Kid-tested music and movement activities that teach and reinforce colors, shapes, days of the week, months of the year, and parts of the body. Children write lyrics,create movements, and sing along to... More Info

Scarves, Set of 12

Regular Price: $25.79 Your Price: $21.92

Twelve 27-inch scarves, two of each rainbow-bright color. PreK+ Teaching Health, Nutrition and Fitness to our children is a critically important element of curriculums today.  Taking steps to healthy... More Info

Hoop Scarves

Regular Price: $29.99 Your Price: $25.49

Set of 6 rainbow colored hoop scarf streamers. The 2¾ inch diameter soft hoop handle fits easily into hands. The 22 inch long streamers cascade from the hoop to add a rainbow of color to your movement... More Info

Listening Center Cart & Bins

Regular Price: $278.99 Your Price: $237.14

This handsome and efficient hardwod unit is portable and versatile. Unit can easily move in and out of a storage closet or from room to room. Top shelf accommodates an audio player and accessories... More Info

4-Person Spirit Listening Center

Regular Price: $324.99 Your Price: $276.24

For top quality audio on a budget, the Spirit Listening Center offers outstanding stereo sound in a portable system. Educator tested and proven in libraries and classrooms, it is ideal for individual... More Info

Baby and Toddler CD Set

Regular Price: $67.99 Your Price: $57.79

A nice variety of music experiences for the infant and young toddler classrooms.  4 CD Set includes; Toddler Gym, Baby Games, Toddler Favorites & Nursery Rhymes.  Ages Birth - 3 years... More Info

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Making Music for Kids is as Easy as It Sounds!

First be sure to have a CD player. Add a variety of music CD's from Becker's extensive collection.  The variety should include learning activity songs, movement songs, dance music, lullaby and quiet music, multicultural songs and more. Add enough instruments to strike up a band! We have authentic multicultural instruments and traditional classroom instruments. Finally, put together a set of movement props or try out our Creative Movement Class Pack (BSS313300).

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