Math Patterns and Sequences

Explore Math Patterns in Your Everyday Life

Once you help children to identify and create patterns, they will become pattern-proficient! They'll see patterns everywhere - most exciting are the patterns found in nature. Use these math tools to develop skills for recognizing and recreating patterns. Sorting comes quite naturally to children. If you give them a collection of items with different attributes such as buttons, stones, or plastic counters, they will find ways to sort them. Sometimes, it's our job to help children articulate the different attributes used for sorting. These skills will serve them well for a long time.

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Super Sorting Pie

REG Price: $31.49
Your Price: $26.77

Fruity pie teaches early number skills and attributes, including colors and fruit shapes.   It looks good enough to eat but it's much better as a learning activity! Children practice fine motor... More Info

All About Me Family Counters

REG Price: $23.99
Your Price: $20.39

Meet a real multi-tasking family of manipulatives! Help young children learn all about themselves and their families. Also great for counting, sorting and patterning. Set of 72 counters come in 6... More Info

Sorting Stones

REG Price: $31.49
Your Price: $26.77

Explore color, shape and pattern! Each durable stone measures 1½" and has a colorful bug character engraved on one side. Each set includes 20 stones, with five bug body shapes - circle, square,... More Info

Farmers Market Color Sorting Set

REG Price: $41.99
Your Price: $35.69

Little gardeners develop color recognition and sorting skills with bushels of realistic, relationally-sized produce. Perfect for dramatic play and nutrition lessons too. Includes activity guide, 25... More Info

Attribute Apples

REG Price: $26.29
Your Price: $22.35

Compare apples to apples with this unique set!  Sort and classify apples by 5 attributes, including size, color and physical features (stem, leaf, worm). Includes 27 apples and activity guide... More Info

Math Snap-n-Learn, Set of 2

REG Price: $39.99
Your Price: $33.99

Learning's a snap with your favorite animals! The cows teach counting and numerical order 1-10 and the happy turtles can be matched by color, shape, and numbers 1-5. Largest piece is 4¼" x 3". Sets... More Info

Melissa & Doug® Beginner Pattern Blocks

REG Price: $20.99
Your Price: $17.84

Features 10 brightly-painted wooden patterns and 30 colorful shape pieces to replicate the fun pictures. Great for early development of colors, shapes and matching skills. Ages 2+... More Info

Melissa & Doug® Animal Patterns Blocks Set

REG Price: $20.99
Your Price: $17.84

Match the shapes and fill the spaces on five double-sided, recessed, wooden boards with ten irresistible animal designs. 55 wooden geometric shapes, in a rainbow of bright colors, are included to... More Info

Shape Sorting Presents

REG Price: $34.99
Your Price: $29.74

Wrap some fun around shape sorting! Sort photo cards into uniquely shaped gift boxes. Builds shape recognition, vocabulary and early math skills. Self-checking cards feature shape outlines on reverse... More Info

Plastic Lacing Beads

REG Price: $31.49
Your Price: $26.77

The large 1½" beads help children to have a successful lacing and learning experience. Children learn color and shape attributes with 6 colors and 4 shapes. Includes 4 36" laces and storage bucket... More Info

Melissa & Doug® Pattern Blocks & Boards

REG Price: $20.99
Your Price: $17.84

Features 10 simply-designed, colorful patterns, and over 100 pattern blocks in 6 different shapes and colors to replicate the pattern shown. Contents store neatly in durable wooden case. Develops... More Info

Parquetry Blocks & Cards

REG Price: $29.99
Your Price: $25.49

Even young children get in on the fun of creating and matching patterns and designs with these thick, wooden geometric blocks in six brilliant colors.  Encourage creative and visual thinking with... More Info

Early Math Book Set 1 (8 Books)

REG Price: $57.99
Your Price: $49.29

The Early Math Book Set includes 8 small, child-friendly, easy-to-read first math concept books. This Becker’s exclusive book set features books with interactive, rhyming text and eye catching... More Info

Geometric Sorting Board

REG Price: $25.99
Your Price: $22.09

Classroom Button Kit

REG Price: $36.69
Your Price: $31.19

Charts and buttons are all you need to teach multiple math skills. Ready-to-use materials include six 12" x 18" laminated, dry-erase charts, 350 assorted buttons, and a detailed activity... More Info

Beads & Pattern Cards Set

REG Price: $31.49
Your Price: $26.77

Colorful hardwood spheres, cubes, cylinders and laces provide plenty of pre-reading and early math practice. Set includes 20 activity cards, 108 beads in six colors, two 36" black laces with 1"... More Info

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