Classroom Book Bins

Classroom Book Display Cases & Book Baskets Keep Books Happy & Healthy!

One size doesn't fit all. We offer a wide selection of book display options to meet your needs. Babies and toddlers should be able to access books independently. We have book bins, book baskets, or a toddler book cases for that purpose. For preschool, books should be on display with the covers fully visible. Look at our 5 Shelf Book Displays shown below. For older children, consider book cases and book baskets that allow you to sort books by reading levels and interest levels.

Misty Bay Basket Sets

REG Price: $43.99 - $51.49
Your Price: $37.39 - $43.77

Misty Bay Baskets are the perfect holding baskets for small objects. Made from soft chenille and nylon fibers. We guarantee that your toddlers will think of many uses for them! Sold in sets of 3,... More Info

Baby Bin

REG Price: $87.99
Your Price: $74.79

Babies love books too! Our new birch wood Baby Bin with rounded, smooth edges, and concealed hardware is designed to keep books or toys within baby's easy reach! 16"W x 15"D x 12"H in back and 6"H in... More Info

Toddler Low Book Display

REG Price: $139.99
Your Price: $118.99

The Toddler Low Book Display is a 4-shelf unit is sized just right for toddlers to help themselves to their favorite books! Beautifully crafted with birch construction. Comes fully assembled. 21"W x... More Info

Book Baskets

REG Price: $46.99 - $49.99
Your Price: $39.94 - $42.49

Regardless of whether you use them as book baskets or activity baskets, one thing is guaranteed: these multi-use baskets provide a solution for all of your classroom storage needs. These activity... More Info

Shelf Files

REG Price: $23.49
Your Price: $19.97

Shelf files are perfect for teacher storage. Colorful, plastic shelf files allow you to easily organize materials and make them readily accessible. 11¾" x 7½" x 5½". Set of 6 assorted colors... More Info

5 Shelf Book Display

REG Price: $209.99 - $286.99
Your Price: $178.49 - $243.94

Traditional book storage at the perfect height for preschoolers. Lots of shelf space to hold many titles. In stock for quick delivery. Fully assembled with flush back. 12"D x 28"H.  Standard is 32"W... More Info

Becker's Easy Roll Book Browser

REG Price: $286.99
Your Price: $243.94

The Becker's Easy Roll Book Browser has ample room for your classroom book collection. There are 5 compartments which can be labeled by genre or other categories. Fully assembled with casters. 32"W x... More Info

See-Thru Book Browser

REG Price: $211.69
Your Price: $179.94

See-thru panels encourage independent toddlers to do it themselves. Three partitions just the right height for books or toys. 36”W x 12"D x 12½”H... More Info

Rainbow Accents® Maple Book Stand

REG Price: $222.99
Your Price: $189.54

Fully rounded top. Five display shelves. Stores flush against walls.  Maple laminate.  30"W x 13½"D x 27½"H... More Info

Rainbow Accents® Gray Book Stand

REG Price: $222.99
Your Price: $189.54

Fully rounded top. Five display shelves. Stores flush against walls.  Freckled gray laminate.  30"W x 13½"D x 27½"H... More Info

Big Book Storage Bin

REG Price: $140.99
Your Price: $119.84

A teacher's dream - a mobile unit to store big books that allows easy access for you and the students. Features casters for easy mobility, center divider for separating items and a handy size for both... More Info

Media Tower

REG Price: $517.49
Your Price: $439.87

Two sides to display and two sides for storage in one unit. The media tower has eight display shelves that are fixed, while six of the book shelves are adjustable. Shelves are 18¼"W x 11"D. Caster... More Info

Big Book Display Cart

REG Price: $396.99
Your Price: $337.44

Mobile storage for big books, puppets and more. Write-n-Wipe folding easel to display big books. KYDZSafe® edges. KYDZTuff® finish. KYDZStrong® construction. Mobile, caster mounted.  30"W x 27"D x... More Info

Ready, Set, Play! Take Home Bag

REG Price: $2.29
Your Price: $1.95

You will find a million and one uses for these heavy-duty, see-through bags with the brightly colored Ready, Set, Play! logo. Customize your own take-home bags, make grab and go learning centers,... More Info

Book Buddy Bags

REG Price: $11.49
Your Price: $9.77

Use Book Buddy Bags to keep your books and other classroom materials protected and well organized, whether they're safely stored in your classroom or en route to or from students' homes. Each clear,... More Info

Wooden Bookcases

REG Price: $304.99 - $419.99
Your Price: $259.24 - $356.99

Book case constructed of birch veneer panels and has adjustable shelves. Anti-tip safety hardware included. 36"W x 12"D... More Info

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