Dramatic Play

Toddler Dress-Ups + a Gaggle of Toddlers = Drama Destined for Broadway!
Be sure to promote pretend play for infants and toddlers by having the right props on hand. Infants will gravitate to dolls, soft animals, kitchen pots, and of course, toy telephones (the cell phone variety)!  Provide toddlers with dress-up clothes, play kitchen appliances and furniture, soft dolls, imaginative toy sets and all the matching accessories. 

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Sprouts Multicultural Food Set

REG Price: $31.49
Your Price: $26.77

Experience foods from around the globe! This mouthwatering set features realistic designs of 15 popular foods from different regions, including a sushi roll, samosa, edamame, and more! Young food... More Info

Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

REG Price: $147.99
Your Price: $125.79

A recipe for fun! This compact, upscale kitchen with a plate rack, recycle bin and granite-look countertop looks like the real thing. Stove top makes realistic electronic sounds. 20-piece accessory... More Info

Fill & Spill Purse

REG Price: $25.79
Your Price: $21.92

Great for dramatic play in the toddler classroom! All the little girl's "essentials" fit inside the plastic and plush purse  - a cell phone that chimes, a key ring with keys, a change purse with... More Info

Melissa & Doug Fill & Spill, Set of 3

REG Price: $72.89
Your Price: $61.96

Young children will delight in pretend play as they use these representational objects.  Each set comes with lots of props to act out classic play themes.   The drill actually vibrates, the purse... More Info

Sprouts Clean It!

REG Price: $26.29
Your Price: $22.35

Perfectly sized cleaning tools inspire imaginative play and pro-social behavior!  Cleaning essentials include duster, dustpan, spray bottle, sponge, bottle of cleaner, and hand vac that rattles and... More Info

Green Toys Tool Set

REG Price: $28.99
Your Price: $24.64

Electronic Portable Phone

REG Price: $12.29
Your Price: $10.45

Phone has realistic function buttons that produce sounds that mimic dialing. Features four electronic sounds; busy signal, vocal messages, voice mail and beeping with lights, plus five random... More Info

Multicultural Bread Set

REG Price: $18.79
Your Price: $15.97

Bread, the staff of life is eaten around the world.  Introduce different bread types with the Multicultural Bread Set. Set of 8. Ages 2+... More Info

Cuddle Me Dolls

REG Price: $25.49
Your Price: $21.67

Feels and looks like a real baby with a huggable soft tummy and bright-eyed face. 16" full dressed. Ages 2+... More Info

Baby's First Smart Phone

REG Price: $18.49
Your Price: $15.72

The perfect first phone for babies with textured edges soft and safe enough for teething! Set of 2. Ages 6 months+... More Info

My First Camera

REG Price: $15.99
Your Price: $13.59

Career Gear On the Go

REG Price: $89.99
Your Price: $76.49

Career counseling begins in the dramatic play area with these easy-wear/easy care dress-ups! One piece tops have hook and loop closures. Machine washable. Set of 6. Ages 3-5... More Info

Becker's Toddler Combo Kitchen

REG Price: $379.99
Your Price: $322.99

The Becker's Toddler Combo Kitchen is designed for the modern toddler, this unit offers easy access to storage, stove, and sink. for quick meal making! The mirrored back splash adds an element of... More Info

Becker's Toddler Combo Kitchen with Refrigerator

REG Price: $463.99
Your Price: $394.39

If space is limited, choose this efficient kitchen model that will delight novice cooks and their toddler friends! The mirrored baksplash adds an element of interset for all! Features click, click... More Info

Toddler Table & Chair Set

REG Price: $319.99
Your Price: $271.99

Promote play time and pretend play with the Toddler Table & Chair Set. Perfect for tea parties and more. This 3-piece laminate table and chair set is sized just right. KIDZSafe edges and finish. Table... More Info

Sprouts Serve It! My Very Own Dish Set

REG Price: $26.29
Your Price: $22.35

With these props, you'll have on-going social interaction from child to child and child to adult. Large and chunky pieces make for perfect meal times. 4 full place settings, 24 pieces.  Plate 7"... More Info

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