Classroom Theme Kits

Setting the Stage for Dramatic Play

Becker's offers dramatic play theme kits for all your favorite preschool classroom themes! Use our exclusive Becker's kits to convert your dramatic play area into a pizza parlor, vet's office, or grocery store. Modify your block area to be a construction zone, fire station, or camp-ground. Take your dramatic play outdoors with the Becker's "I'm an Explorer" Kit, Becker's Let's Go Fishing Set, or Becker's "I'm an Astronaut" Kit.  With our career dress-up clothes, toddlers can even look the part. From police officers to firefighters, children will love role playing - and pretending to be "on the job" for the day.  

Pop's Pizza Parlor

REG Price: $99.99
Your Price: $84.99

Change your dramatic play area into a Pizza Parlor with enough props for 4 or more children to play cooperatively. Role-play a pizza maker or a server with plenty of pizzas to meet customer demand!... More Info

Becker's "I'm An Explorer" Kit

REG Price: $77.99
Your Price: $66.29

Bring dramatic play to the great outdoors with our Explorer Kit! Once a child dons the Explorer vest and teams up with his/her fellow explorers, the important work of searching, observing, collecting,... More Info

Becker's "I'm A Scientist" Dramatic Play Kit

REG Price: $129.39
Your Price: $109.98

Becker's exclusive “I’m A Scientist” dramatic play kit specializes will transform your science area into the most exciting place to play once you set it up like a laboratory. This dramatic play set... More Info

Becker's "I’m A Grocer" Kit

REG Price: $82.29
Your Price: $69.95

This is pretend play at its best!  Instantly convert your dramatic play area in to a Grocery Store and watch the customers line up!  Children practice social interactions, literacy and math skills... More Info

Becker's "I'm A Vet" Dramatic Play Kit

REG Price: $75.99
Your Price: $64.59

Becker's exclusive “I’m A Vet” dramatic play kit specializes in sick and injured "stuffed" animals. This dramatic play set has everything you need to set up a vet's office. Contents: Vet Jacket Mask... More Info

Becker's "I'm a Construction Worker" Dramatic Play Kit

REG Price: $89.99
Your Price: $76.49

Set up a construction site in your block area complete with hard hats, tools, safety cones, and books to inspire architects of the future with the “I’m a Construction Worker" dramatic play set!  This... More Info

Becker's Let's Go Fishing Dramatic Play Set

REG Price: $41.99
Your Price: $35.69

All you need to add is a sign "GONE FISHING!"  The Becker’s exclusive Gone Fishing Dramatic Play Set includes: Fishing Vest Magnetic Rod Fish Worms "Gone Fishing" Paperback Book Handy Tackle Box Write... More Info

Becker's "I’m An Astronaut" Theme Kit

REG Price: $87.49
Your Price: $74.37

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1- Blast Off!  This dramatic play set works well indoors or out.  The docking port, shaped like a tunnel, is collapsible and easy to transport.  Once the 2 volunteer astronauts are... More Info

Pretend & Play® Work Belt Tool Set

REG Price: $41.99
Your Price: $35.69

Everything young builders need for construction play.  Inspires imaginative play about big construction jobs or home improvement projects with Mom and Dad.   This 20-piece set features a durable... More Info

The Quiet Zone

REG Price: $112.89
Your Price: $95.96

Every classroom needs a Quiet Zone*!  This is a Becker’s exclusive set of props intended to be used with the Privacy Cube (sold separately) or on their own to create a comforting space.  The materials... More Info

Becker's To Market To Market 6 Book Set

REG Price: $69.99
Your Price: $59.49

The To Market to Market 6 book set is a Becker’s exclusive that can be the start of a thematic unit. Set up a pretend market in your classroom. Learn math facts as you price and sell items.  Broaden... More Info

Pretend & Play® Camp Set

REG Price: $31.49
Your Price: $26.77

Let’s go camping! Unique battery-powered pretend stove and lantern make your campsite almost like the real thing (2 AA batteries for each, not included). Set also includes: water bottle, cup, pan,... More Info

Theme Book Set: Construction (5 Books)

REG Price: $81.99
Your Price: $69.69

Teach children all about the construction industry with the help of the Becker’s exclusive Theme Book Set: Construction. This book set includes 5 books that include both fiction and nonfiction titles... More Info

Ann Morris 5 Book Set

REG Price: $38.59
Your Price: $32.80

Ann Morris takes you on a photo journey across the world to show you everyday life here, there, and everywhere. These book series focus on the following topics: hats, shoes, tools, bread, and homes... More Info

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