Open-Ended Play Spaces for Kids

Finding the Perfect Play Space for Kids of All Ages

We often don't think of "quiet" and "play" at the same time but if you look at the play spaces below you'll start to think differently. These units provide a play space for one or two children at a time and are geared toward quiet play activities. A child could settle into the Privacy Cube or the Corner Play House with a puzzle, game or other manipulative toy for quiet play time. Our Becker's Design-a-Space offers more versatility and can easily convert to different dramatic play set-ups as indicated by the signs which are included: Doll Hospital, Animal Care Center, Problem Solving Center, Peaceful Place, Fun Foods Drive-Thru, or any idea you choose. If you use the Environment Rating Scales, you know the importance of providing a space for privacy which allows one or two children to engage in play that is protected from intrusion by others.

Becker's Design-a-Space

REG Price: $234.99
Your Price: $199.74

Becker's created Design-A-Space to be versatile and easily portable.  If you like our Privacy Cube ( WB0210 ), you’ll love this!  It’s lightweight yet sturdy and open-ended for multiple uses.  The... More Info

Privacy Cube

REG Price: $269.99
Your Price: $229.49

From a place to learn their ABC’s to a comfortable corner to catch some Z’s, this six-sided privacy cube has the option of having a roof over head or if you prefer, turn it over and leave it open at... More Info

The Quiet Zone

REG Price: $112.89
Your Price: $95.96

Every classroom needs a Quiet Zone*!  This is a Becker’s exclusive set of props intended to be used with the Privacy Cube (sold separately) or on their own to create a comforting space.  The materials... More Info

Imagination Station

REG Price: $340.99
Your Price: $289.84

A stage, a store, a drive-up window-this Imagination Station has it all for your puppet theater needs! Shelves for puppet storage. Write-n-Wipe or Flannel fronts. Curtain rods included, optional... More Info

Floor Pad for Privacy Cube

REG Price: $72.89
Your Price: $61.96

Increase active play or nap time with the floor pad that fits perfectly in our exclusive privacy cube ( WB0210 ).  1"H... More Info

Let's Go Camping Play Tent

REG Price: $52.89
Your Price: $44.96

Open up a world of outdoor adventure with this indoor/outdoor play tent, as you teach math and science concepts. Gather 'round the 'camp fire,' count out marshmallows, and predict how the texture will... More Info

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