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What's New in Classroom Decorations and Displays?
Classroom decoration trends are as fluid as fashion trends. One year it's monkeys, then monsters, then owls. Count on Becker's to keep you current! We also have a great selection of classroom posters including multicultural and other themes that are relevant to your students. Most importantly, remember to save room on your walls to display work and projects done by your students. That never goes out of style!

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Discovering Dinosaurs Bulletin Board Set

Price: $14.99

Larger-than-life learning! Realistic images and fascinating facts inspire curiosity for learning about prehistoric dinosaurs. Supports lesson plans and classroom activities. Includes 20 dinosaurs, 20... More Info

Sea Buddies Bulletin Board Set

Price: $13.99

Get into the swim of the school season! This set comes with a unique cast of underwater characters to help you introduce colors, counting, size relationship, and diversity. Pieces include 21 Sea... More Info

Sea Buddies Calendar Bulletin Board Set

Price: $14.99

Dive into calendar time with this colorful set! Includes a 17 1/2" x 23" calendar, weather graph, weather spinner with 2 arrows, 1 season sign with 4 labels, 33 numbers, separate topper, 12... More Info

Dino-Mite Pals Calendar Bulletin Board Set

Price: $14.99

Kids will have a Dino-mite time learning calendar concepts! Dino-Mite Pals™ help students track months, special dates, seasons, and the weather. Includes a 17 1/2" x 23" calendar,... More Info

Buggy For Bugs Behavior Bulletin Board Set

Price: $12.99

Make behavior management fun with the adorable "Buggy" for Bugs Behavior Bulletin Board Set! The "Buggy" for Bugs collection features an assortment of colorful little creatures in... More Info

Buggy For Bugs Bulletin Board Set

Price: $12.99

Your students will go "buggy" for learning with this adorable "Buggy" for Bugs Bulletin Board Set. The "Buggy" for Bugs collection features an assortment of colorful... More Info

Spring Garden Bulletin Board Set

Price: $9.99

Enliven your classroom with this dazzling display of Poppin' Patterns posies! This versatile set features a large flower with blank write-on banner (13½" x 17½"), 14... More Info

Spring Essentials Bulletin Board Value Pack

Price: $14.99

Decorate throughout an entire season! 3 months of accents in one bulletin board set! Use these bulletin board sets to make transitioning your seasonal displays a breeze! Simply swap out a few key... More Info

Funky Monkey Forecast Magnetic Weather Set

Price: $29.99

Funky Monkey loves to get dressed for the weather on your whiteboard!  Set of 60 heavy-duty pieces includes weather symbols, weather words, week days and months, and more. The monkey is... More Info

Sock Monkeys Calendar Bulletin Board Set

Price: $14.99

Adorable sock monkeys help students plan and track months, special occasions, seasons, and the weather. Includes a 17 1/2" x 23 1/4" calendar, weather graph, weather wheel, seasons card with... More Info

Sock Monkeys Numbers 0-120 Bulletin Board Set

Price: $7.00 *

Hats off to our colorful sock monkeys!  They capture students' attention and increase interest in learning numbers and number words.  Includes 12 sock monkeys in 12 colors: blue, dark... More Info

Sock Monkeys Alphabet Bulletin Board Set

Price: $6.00 *

Go bananas for learning with lively sock monkeys that portray the ABCs in a playful way.  Standard Manuscript with uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers 0-10; 8 1/2" x 16 3/4'... More Info

Celebrate with Moose & Friends Bulletin Board Set

Price: $12.99 *

Display this charming, adorable Moose & Friends Bulletin Board set all year long! Celebrate each season with this delightful Moose that has changeable antlers which displays the colors and designs... More Info

Moose & Friends Bulletin Board Set

Price: $12.99 *

The charming Moose & Friends Bulletin Board Set features colorful and adorable characters that are sure to brighten any classroom! This 53 piece set includes 2 moose, 1 beaver, 1 fox, 1 hedgehog,... More Info

Boho Birds & Birdhouses Bulletin Board Set

Price: $12.99

Brighten your classroom with eye-catching, contemporary Pop-Its™ Boho Birds & Birdhouses! This 48-piece bird-themed bulletin board set includes a colorful header, 10 birdhouse pockets, and... More Info

Boho Birds Bulletin Board Set

Price: $12.99

This eye-catching, contemporary design will brighten any classroom! The Boho Birds bulletin board set includes tree limbs, large and small birds, more than 40 leaves, and everything you need to make... More Info

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