REG Price: $6.99
Your Price: $5.94

Yoko. Mmm, Yoko's mom has packed her favorite for lunch today—sushi! But her classmates don't think it looks quite so yummy. "Ick!" says one of the Franks. "It's seaweed!" They're not even impressed... More Info

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

REG Price: $22.99
Your Price: $19.54

Eric Carle's classic tale of a voracious caterpillar who eats his way through the days of the week and then changes into a beautiful butterfly.  32 pages.  18" x 13".  Hardcover.  Ages 2+... More Info

Green Eggs and Ham

REG Price: $9.99
Your Price: $8.49

Sam-I-am mounts a determined campaign to convince another Seuss character to eat a plate of green eggs and ham in this timeless classic.  Hardback... More Info

From Head To Toe

REG Price: $7.99
Your Price: $6.79

Watching giraffes bend their necks or monkeys wave their arms is fun, but nothing could be better than joining in. From their heads down to their toes, kids will be wriggling, jiggling, and giggling... More Info

Little Cloud

REG Price: $5.99
Your Price: $5.09

Carle's new picture book tells the story of Little Cloud, who lags behind the other clouds as they drift across a bright blue sky. Little Cloud is too busy changing shapes, becoming a fluffy sheep, a... More Info

Five Little Ducks

REG Price: $6.99
Your Price: $5.94

Vivid pictures tell the tale of a mother duck who loses her ducklings, one by one. A happy ending is assured when they return with ducklings of their own. Music and chords are included. The title is... More Info

My Five Senses

REG Price: $6.99
Your Price: $5.94

How do you learn what the world is like? Through your five senses! Every sound, taste, smell, sight, and touch helps kids to discover something new. Aliki's delightful art and simple text teaches... More Info

The Listening Walk

REG Price: $6.99
Your Price: $5.94

Put on your socks and shoes -- and don't forget your ears! We're going on a listening walk.  Shhhhh.  Do not talk. Do not hurry. Get ready to fill your ears with a world of wonderful and surprising... More Info

The Shape Of Things

REG Price: $6.99
Your Price: $5.94

A square is just a square until it becomes a house in this clever book. A circle becomes a spinning ferris wheel, and when you add some string and a tail to a diamond shape, it becomes a kite flying... More Info

How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends?

REG Price: $6.99
Your Price: $5.94

What if a dinosaur's friends come to play? Does he mope, does he pout if he can't get his way? Does he hide all his dump trucks, refusing to share? Does he throw his friends' coloring books up in the... More Info

The Night Before Thanksgiving

REG Price: $4.99
Your Price: $4.24

Everyone’s favorite fun-filled, family-filled, food-filled holiday is almost here! Follow along as the feast is prepared, cousins are greeted, and everyone gathers around the table, all with an extra... More Info

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?

REG Price: $16.99
Your Price: $14.44

The bestselling, award-winning team of Yolen and Teague are back with another playful dinosaur tale--this time about a sick dinosaur child who catches the flu and must go to the doctor. What if a... More Info

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