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Blog articles about arts & crafts in the toddler, preschool, and Pre-K classrooms.

Using Art to Build Creativity and Self-Confidence in the Kindergarten Classroom

Art-related activities are more than just time-fillers to keep students busy in the kindergarten classroom! Read More >

Beyond Finger Painting!
5 Methods of Extending the Painting Experience in the Toddler Classroom

There's more to finger painting in the toddler classroom. Take a look! Read More >

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Lessons from an Autonomous Toddler

The challenge of fostering toddler autonomy in the child care center.

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Four Simple Guidelines for Incorporating Technology into Early Education

Teaching STEM/STEAM in the early education classroom is possible. Take a look!

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Do you need a classroom makeover? 5 Easy steps you can take RIGHT now!

Don't let disorganization derail your classroom. Makeover your classroom with these tips!

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