Wood Crafts

Wood Crafts Add Dimension to Your Art Projects!

We all have our favorite craft stick and wood craft projects.  Add some variety to your wood craft projects with our shaped craft sticks, colored craft sticks or wood pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes.  For 3-D projects, we offer a treasure chest of wood pieces that includes dowels, chunky blocks, and more.

Wood Crafts Activities

REG Price: $70.49
Your Price: $59.92

A terrific assortment of natural and multi colored wood crafts including regular, jumbo, mini sticks, shapes, spoons, turnings, smart sticks, and building stick. Over 2100 pieces, comes with idea... More Info

Craft Sticks, Jumbo Size

REG Price: $11.49 - $13.69
Your Price: $9.77 - $11.64

Jumbo sized wooden craft sticks are available in natural or bright hues. Each stick measures 6" x 3/4". 500 pieces per package... More Info

Craft Sticks, Regular Size

REG Price: $8.99 - $13.69
Your Price: $7.64 - $11.64

1000 Economy Craft Sticks. 41/2" x 3/8". Natural and Bright Hues available for your crafting needs... More Info

Wood Beads Classroom Pack

REG Price: $19.99
Your Price: $16.99

Wood beads in assorted sizes, shapes, and colors. 1lb. Ages 3+... More Info

Wood Geometric Shapes

REG Price: $14.29
Your Price: $12.15

Add interest and dimension to your art projects!  These brighly colored wood shapes in varying sizes and colors will do the trick.  Wood geometric shapes in bright hues. 400 pieces. Ages 3+... More Info

Skin Tone Kids Craft Sticks

REG Price: $7.29
Your Price: $6.20

Make adorable little kid characters with these skin tone craft sticks. With six different skin tones, your kid characters can be as diverse and dynamic as your classroom. Make cultural classroom... More Info

People Shaped Wood Craft Sticks

REG Price: $9.79
Your Price: $8.32

Perfect for stick characters. 36 pieces, 18 each of male and female. PreK+... More Info

Large Geometric Shapes Wood Craft Sticks

REG Price: $9.79
Your Price: $8.32

36 Ready to decorate wood Craft Stick Sticks with 12 pieces each of circlea, hearts and stars. PreK+... More Info

Flat Slotted Clothespins

REG Price: $5.79
Your Price: $4.92

Natural in color. Flat Slotted 40 piece, 3¾ "L. PreK+... More Info

Doll Pins

REG Price: $5.99
Your Price: $5.09

Natural. 30 pieces. 3¾" x 9/16" diameter.  Ages 3+... More Info

Spring Clothespins

REG Price: $2.89 - $3.89
Your Price: $2.46 - $3.31

Spring clothespins are multi-purpose; use to hang your students latest work or as part of your classroom art supplies. Each bag contains 24 pieces of natural wood spring clothespins. Two differents... More Info

Wooden Shapes

REG Price: $13.49 - $30.49
Your Price: $11.47 - $25.92

Wooden shapes offer a variety of natural wood shapes and designs. Easy to use with paint, markers and glue! Great addition to your classroom art collage materials. Ages 3+... More Info

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