Pipe Cleaners and Craft Stems

A Classroom without Pipe Cleaners or Craft Stems is Like a Day without Sunshine!

Pipe cleaner bracelets, pipe cleaner bubble wands, pipe cleaner math games, pipe cleaner sculptures - and the list goes on. Need new ideas? Go to Becker's Pinterest Page and search for Pipe Cleaners! Whether you call them pipe cleaners or craft stems, they function the same and come in fun varieties. We have super colossal pipe cleaners, sparkles, stripes, and more!

Jumbo All Purpose Pipe Cleaners

REG Price: $2.89
Your Price: $2.46

Jumbo sized pipe cleaners for jumbo sized fun! Jumbo Chenille Kraft stems (also known as pipe cleaners) are perfect for a variety of classroom arts and crafts projects. These pipe cleaners are sold in... More Info

Bulk Pipe Cleaners, 12" Jumbo, ¼"

REG Price: $25.79
Your Price: $21.92

Bigger pipe cleaners = bigger fun! Your students will love arts & crafts time when they can use the jumbo pipe cleaners from the Bulk Chenille Kraft stems kit. This kit includes 1,000 pieces of pipe... More Info

Bulk Pipe Cleaners, 12" Regular, 1/8"

REG Price: $21.99
Your Price: $18.69

Give your students the freedom to have fun and be creative with their arts and crafts activities! This bulk kit of Chenile Kraft Stems (also known as pipe cleaners) includes 1000 pipe cleaners in... More Info

Bulk Pipe Cleaners, 6" Regular, 1/8"

REG Price: $17.59
Your Price: $14.95

Kids can have fun creating a wide range of arts and crafts with Bulk Chenille Kraft Stems, also known as pipe cleaners! This package includes 1000 pipe cleaners in a variety of colors for all of your... More Info

Short 6" Pipe Cleaners, 200 Pack, Assorted Colors

REG Price: $3.69
Your Price: $3.14

Sometimes, you don’t need big arts & crafts supplies to create a big project! The short pipe cleaners are perfect for allowing tiny hands to think big and get creative! These pipe cleaners can help to... More Info

Sparkle Pipe Cleaners, 100 Pack, Assorted Colors

REG Price: $4.49
Your Price: $3.82

Add a little pizazz to your next arts & craft project! Sparkle pipe cleaners will allow students’ projects to twinkle and shine bright! These fun pipe cleaners are sold in packs of 100 featuring a... More Info

Striped Pipe Cleaners, 100 Pack, Assorted Colors

REG Price: $4.49
Your Price: $3.82

Sugar, stripes, and everything nice! Striped pipe cleaners are perfect for adding a unique style to any arts and crafts project! These pipe cleaners serve a variety of different purposes and are sold... More Info

Super Colossal Pipe Cleaners

REG Price: $19.99
Your Price: $16.99

Take your students’ arts & crafts projects to the next level with super colossal pipe cleaners! Students can make large lady bugs, butterflies, flowers, and a variety of other projects! These pipe... More Info

Super Wikki Stix®

REG Price: $22.99
Your Price: $19.54

Three foot sections.... in six bright neon colors! 24 feet of each color, for a total of 144 feet of Wikki Stix! All in a clear plastic tube that you can re-use for storage... More Info

Wikki Stix®

REG Price: $7.99 - $34.99
Your Price: $6.79 - $29.74

Made of a unique patented wax formula, and a strand of yarn, Wikki Stix are twistable, stickable and buildable. They adhere to almost any smooth surface, including to each other, without paste or... More Info

Wikki Stix Alphabet Cards

REG Price: $15.99
Your Price: $13.59

Individual cards are ideal for use in centers or stations, and are easy to laminate for regular, repeat use. Each set contains 26 alphabet cards, plus one additional for making the letter your name... More Info

Becker's Weaving Center

REG Price: $164.49
Your Price: $139.82

Becker’s exclusive Weaving Center will entertain and educate one and all! It’s great for school Buddy Programs, After School classrooms, and cooperative play in any setting. Crafted with a wood frame... More Info

Brain Noodles Big Kit

REG Price: $43.99
Your Price: $37.39

Forty fluffy Brain Noodles ™ stems to bend, twist and create all day long. Open ended play for countless hours of fun. Each kit contains twenty five 18-inch brain noodles, fifteen 9-inch brain noodles... More Info

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