Multicultural Classroom Activities

Multicultural Art Materials and Related Activities
Discover the beauty of our diversity with a selection of multicultural art materials that remind us that we all have special features. We have different skin tones, face shapes, and hair styles. Our clothing might look different and our celebrations are unique. Browse through our selection of materials and plan multicultural activities and projects that embrace differences.

Culturally Diverse People Kit

Retail Price: $29.99
Sale: $24.69

Culturally diverse people kits are fun for everyone!  Kits include: 24 people-shape cut outs, velour and gummed paper, shredded wax tissue paper, fake curly hair, buttons and wiggly eyes for... More Info

Me Kids Big Cut-Outs

Price: $13.99

Culturally diverse Me Kids Big Cut-outs are fun for the whole class to enjoy. Use these and related products for your All About Me projects! Sturdy enough card stock to accept a variety of... More Info

Roylco Face Pad

Price: $6.39

Skin tone faces for self-portraits, fun characters or funny faces.Sketch yourself and your family to create All About Me projects! 8 skin tones.50 sheets. 5" x 8". Ages 4+... More Info

Paper Doll Pad

Price: $6.39

Make fun puppets and portraits. Draw faces, crown with shredded tissue or yarn hair and make clothes with Fabric-Design Paper to create All About Me projects! 8 skin tones. 40 sheets. 8" x... More Info

Skin Tone Kids Craft Sticks

Price: $6.59

Make adorable little kid characters with these skin tone craft sticks. With six different skin tones, your kid characters can be as diverse and dynamic as your classroom. Make cultural classroom... More Info

Colors of My Friends® Washable Paint Set

Price: $31.99

Help children create realistic portraits of people from around the world. Washes from most fabrics and skin with soap and water. Set includes 8 colors, each 16 oz.    Ages 3+... More Info

Paddle Puppets

Price: $10.99

Personalize your puppet performance with a fun project that combines both art and drama! Inspire confident communication skills while exercising fine and gross motor development. Paddle Puppets... More Info

African Textile Craft Paper

Price: $7.59

Discover the rich and beautiful history of traditional African textiles printed on craft paper! African Textile Paper includes 8 different prints, each with distinct characteristics. Use this and... More Info

Asian Textile Craft Paper

Price: $7.59
Discontinued, While Supplies Last!

Asian Textile Papers are a collection of eight traditional textile prints from numerous Asian countries. These craft papers are perfect for multicultural education projects: report covers, collage... More Info

Latino Design Craft Paper

Price: $7.59
Discontinued, While Supplies Last!

This beautiful collection of patterned craft paper contains eight Hispanic designs with distinctive characteristics from different countries. Hispanic Design Craft Paper is great for... More Info

Native American Craft Paper

Price: $7.59

Native American Craft Papers provide interesting, colorful designs developed by some of North America’s first people. Many designs contain symbols that have specific meaning to the designer... More Info

Skin Tone Craft Paper

Price: $7.59

Roylco Skin Tone Paper has eight shades of paper, great for "All About Me" or "My Family" art activities. 48 per package. 8½" x 11"... More Info

Just Like Me Chipboard Kids

Price: $9.69

The basic design and size of these cute kid cutouts make them easy to handle for anyone, especially those with little hands. Cut from sturdy cardstock, the shapes work great with crayons, markers and... More Info

Crayola® Multicultural Washable Markers, 8 Ct

Price: $4.99

Crayola Washable Multicultural Markers for multicultural art. 8 colors include Sienna, Mahogany, Terra Cotta, Tawny, Bronze, Tan, Beige and Golden Beige. Crayola conical tip markers are... More Info

Crayola® Multicultural Washable Markers Classpack®

Price: $43.99

Washable conical tip markers for multicultural art. Set of 80 includes 10 each of 8 colors: Sienna, Mahogany, Terra Cotta, Tawny, Bronze, Tan, Beige and Golden Beige. Crayola Washable Markers are... More Info

Crayola® Multicultural Colored Pencils, 8 Ct.

Price: $2.29

Crayola® pre-sharpened Multicultural Colored Pencils include 8 smooth, blendable skin colors: Golden Beige, Beige, Tan, Tawny Bronze, Terra Cotta, Mahogany & Sienna. Great for drawing or... More Info

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