Puzzle Stories

Bring new life to your puzzles by adding surprises under your puzzle pieces!

Learning Domains:
Language Development; Literacy; Fine Motor
Materials Needed:
Jumbo or large knob puzzles
Photos from child's home life
Set the Stage:
Do as one on one activity with child and adult

With a little help from the families, you’ll be able to personalize puzzles for fun language activities. Collect photos or photocopies of photos that show family members, pets, or other special events for each child. The idea is to cut out the pictures so that they fit under individual puzzle pieces. You can use the actual puzzle piece to trace around each picture for a perfect fit! Tape the pictures under the puzzle pieces. Watch the child’s surprise as they lift a puzzle piece and see a familiar face!

Be prepared to change the pictures to personalize the experience for each child. Once they get the idea, play language games to build their listening and comprehension skills. For example, if the puzzle has a fish shaped piece, say, “Lift the picture of the fish to find your mommy!” or “Where is your mommy hiding?”


Puzzle Stories Image
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