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Parachutes are not just for jumping out of planes! Try your hand at parachute games with small or large groups of children. Our parachutes are designed for classroom use. They're rugged and have double-stitching around the handles. Start with small groups of children and a 6' parachute and once they get the hang of it, try whole group activities. Aside from being fun, parachute games build endurance, promote creative expression and reward cooperative play.


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Multi-colored nylon, double-stitched with handles.  Carry bag included.   Teaching Health, Nutrition and Fitness to our children is a critically important element of curriculums today.  Taking steps... More Info

Pop Rock Parachute CD

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Set to motivating music, these parachute activities help develop endurance, general strength and flexibility. The activities allow for creative expression while stimulating a child’s sense of rhythm... More Info

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